On April 25th, the Justice Department fined FLIR Systems, Inc.  $30M, resulting from findings of 347 unauthorized exports during 2007-2012. The violations are related to foreign person employment, including dual/third county nationals of Iran, Iraq and Lebanon, license management issues related to not adhering to the scope of the license and deficient recordkeeping;  and violating of political contributions rules. $15M will be due to paid in the next 4 years, the remainder of $15M is to be allocated to the development of effective export compliance programs.

Earlier, on April 8th, The Securities and Exchange Commission charged FLIR Systems Inc. with violating the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) by financing personal travel for government officials in the Middle East who played key roles in decisions to purchase FLIR products.  FLIR earned more than $7 million in profits from sales influenced by the improper travel and gifts.

FLIR, which develops infrared technology for use in binoculars and other sensing products and systems, agreed to settle the SEC’s charges by paying more than $9.5 million and reporting its FCPA compliance efforts to the agency for the next two years.